Our mission at CENTER-T Training Company is to teach you how to properly use tactics under dynamic critical stress and give you all the necessary safety tools in firearms using.

CENTER-T offers tactical, technical and informational solutions in the field of training security. The methodology is based on the best international experience and systematic approach.

We are willing to transform you into a better, more responsible shooters.

Active self-defence

The high culture of safe weapons handling for responsible gun shooters:



Les Lethal PISTOL



Professional trainings

Program module package of specialized staff development trainings for state defense and law enforcement agencies and private security companies.


Training Programs for Military and Law enforcement units

Basic Battle Skills

Reconnaissance/Close Target Reconnaissance

Basic and Advanced CQB

Operations In Built Up Areas

Small/ Medium Weapons Training


Basic staff development modules for bodyguards:

Close Protection

Personal Security Detail

Team tactics

Corporate Security

Protective Driving

Hand -to-hand fighting

First Aid (Paramedicine)

Private security defense (Contractors)

Vip protection in a volatile region

VIP protection and MP tactics, targeted at private security teams and officers of state CP forces.

Training prepares CP operatives and units for operations in region with difficult criminal and terrorist scenarios (local conflict zones).

Extream adaptation

Personal Survival Strategy - Self-made Bodyguard.

Personal Survival Strategy - Make yourself as your own Bodyguard. Special Extreme Training for civilians. This is not a traditional tourism, but a real tough training trip. NO COMFORT Facilities Area. Unique Places - Baikal Lake, Yakutia and so on...